Virgin Mobile Expands Pre Paid options with payLo

Many of you may know of the Virgin Empire that ranges from record sales to airliners as well as pre paid wireless subscriptions. Virgin Mobile is one of the industry’s most popular pre paid mobile companies; the name has almost become synonymous with pre paid service as the likes of Boost Mobile. When you think Virgin Mobile, pre paid is the next thought.

Virgin Mobile has been slanging pre paid airtime for quite some time now, and as always it’s time to reinvent. When looking from the outside you normally see companies like Boost and Virgin add something to their service as it does not take long for the old “new” to become..well old again. So what’s new now? Well Virgin Mobile has announced their payLO project, which is sure to make some waves until the next “new” comes around. payLo by Virgin Mobile gives its users the choice between two different plans both costing 20 bucks. The two non contracted plans are offered up at 20 dollars, but why two plans at the same price, what gives? One of the two plans is a simple 400 minute plan that’s good for a month at about 5 cents a minute. The other plan under the new payLo project is the “basic rate” plan which will get you 90 days of service at 20 cents a minute. There are five phones available for one of the two plans, the really non impressive phones consist of the Kyocera Jax, LG Flare, Samsung M340, the Kyocera TNT! and the LG 101. Amazingly mundane group of phones here, but when thinking of the overall picture pre paid with a cheap phone is still a market that needs tending. With improvements, changes and twists in pre paid planning the Virgin Mobile pre paid industry is surely not going anywhere.

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I know I have a funny story behind it too but that’s for another time.

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