Virgin Mobile Announces a HTC Desire


Virgin Mobile announces the HTC Desire 601 as simply, the HTC Desire! Oh, the HTC Desire! The Desire is one of those phones that continuously offer up a solid HTC and Android experience in an awesome little profile. Since the dawn of the first desire the legions of committed fans have stayed strong using the device. Recently however in lieu of the current crop of oversized, over spec’ed handsets, the Desire has fell deeper into a mid range slump. Since its inception the HTC Desire has gone through many changes. From being a high end flagship device, to a mid range handset the HTC Desire is back once again.

Recently, Desire branded handsets have been popping up across the globe. Devices like the Desire 709d, the Desire 300 and the Desire 601 have had limited release across a few select markets. Today however brings us news, that the Desire 601 will be making its stateside. Virgin Mobile has announced today they would be offering up the new Desire 601. The carrier however plans on dropping the 601 nomenclature and potentially confusing the world by branding the handset as just the HTC Desire! The carrier will be offering up the handset contract free for approximately $280. Keep in mind their plans start at $35. This new HTC Desire starts with a 4.5 inch 540×960 IPS LCD touch screen display and gives users access to Android version 4.2.2. Around back of the Desire we find a 5 mega pixel camera with LED flash while a front facing shooter clocks in with a VGA quality sensor. Internally the Desire comes with a Qualcomm made Snapdragon 400 processor, 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB of internal storage, expandable micro SD memory, Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth, GPS and an all day 2100 mAh battery.

Any takers? The new Desire sounds like an awesomely affordable deal! Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think and remember all the very best in HTC accessories are here.

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