Virgin Mobile to Follow Crickets Pre-Paid iPhone 4S Lead?


There has been a lot of talk about the latest and greatest in Android over the last few weeks. With the launch of some amazingly powerful and high end smart phones like the EVO LTE and GSIII hitting the market; it’s not surprising that the seemingly stale iPhone 4 and 4S has sunk into the shadows. But come on now, outside of next gen rumors, how long did you think we could go without talking about the iPhone. As the company is gearing up to show off some 2012 progress at WWDC,  some new details have emerged that appear to be putting Apple’s beloved iPhone in the palms of pre paid users.

On the 31st of May 2012, pre paid carrier Cricket announced to the world that they would offer the iconic Apple made iPhone 4 and 4S. This makes the company the first U.S. based carrier to offer the device without a long two year commitment. Cricket will offer the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S off contract with services starting at $55 bucks a month. This supremely affordable plan will buy you unlimited voice and text as well as “unlimited” data. The data comes with a small asterisk that point out some fine print. Cricket will allow for 2.3 GB pedal to the metal data, but once you exceed that size your data speeds will be throttled. With this amazing deal comes unsubsidized hardware pricing. Surprisingly enough, Cricket appears to be offering the 4S and 4 at around $150 dollars off of standard pricing. At 16GB the 4 will run you 399.99 and the 4S $499.99. And that’s without a contract folks. The Cricket iPhone options will begin their availability come June 22nd.

News of Cricket’s leap into iPhone is surely going to bring more end users into the smart phone loop, but how far can it go?  Will there be other pre paid carriers that take on the challenge of clogging their networks with lol cats? Well yes…maybe. According to MarketWatch, Sprint is looking to do something with the 15.5 billion in iPhones they have agreed to sell for Apple and could be pushing some off on its pre paid subsidiary Virgin mobile. According to the report Sprint and Virgin Mobile will make the announcement later this week and will make the devices available as early as July 1st. Pricing is un known at this point but Virgin Mobile’s current smart phone “plans” start at around $35 bucks a month with unlimited data that is throttled at 2.5 GB. If Virgin Mobile does pick up the iPhone there is a good chance you won’t be able to use the minimum plan. The report goes on to mention that Sprints only signs of growth have been in their pre paid sector, so the question that lingers, is will Sprint push the iPhone to Boost Mobile as well?

Anyone interested in the epic iPhone 4 and or iPhone 4S on an all you can eat pre paid that starts a fifty five bucks? Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think of the pre paid iPhone options. Oh and remember guys, we carry all the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S accessories you’ll ever need, no matter who your carrier is.

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