Vimeo and Yahoo! Say Yes to HTML5

Both Vimeo and Yahoo! have bitten the bullet and rolled out HTML5 support. So what does this mean? It means that they want iPhones, iPads and iPod touch users to be able to use their stuff. While Yahoo! has had HTML5 support for it’s email system for the iPhone for a little bit now, its now offering an optimized email HTML5 experience for iPad owners as well. Vimeo has also gotten around to finally fixing its site so that the iOS crowd can get their dose of videos.

With YouTube already on board with iOS support, I would assume that this marks a shifting tide. One that is headed away from the virus, bug and crash strewn beaches of Adobe’s Flash format and rapidly traveling towards the tropical island of HTML5. Remember, a win for HTML5 means Apple CEO Steve Jobs gamble to not support Flash on iOS was the right one.

I would expect the majority of websites to shift to HTML5 in the next two years, as all the big smartphone and tablet operating system players (Apple, Google and Research In Motion) have thrown their weight behind the format in the form of strong browser support. This certainly must come as a disappintment to Adobe, which still has to have a working version of Flash available for Research In Motion’s (RIM) BlackBerry and is slowly getting Flash onto Google’s Android OS.

Speaking of Flash, my Linux friends are still occasionally cursing its name and Apple has noted that many of its OS X crashes are due to it. C’mon Adobe, if you want people to use your format then you cannot rest on your laurels. Your Creative Suite is simply breathtaking so why does your Flash suck?

Happy that HTML5 is coming to more and more sites? Think Apple made the right choice or are you desperately waiting for a release version of the iOS Flash hack? Let me know where you stand on this and if you think Flash has a future or if HTML5 is simply the better format.

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