The Vertu TI Android Phone Becomes Official at $9600


The Vertu TI Android phone becomes a reality. If luxury in the mobile space had an ambassador, it would most likely be a Vertu phone. Vertu takes the bland and rather boring mobile designs and adds a level of quality that most of us simply cannot afford. As Nokia underwent a shift in their ranks and outlook the company sold off its luxury brand phone business found in Vertu to EQT. The first phone to be released under the new ownership is the Vertu TI, an Android based smart phone that will break an average man’s wallet. While Nokia still owns ten percent of the company, you are technically looking at an Android based Nokia phone!

Late last month details surrounding the latest in Vertu surfaced to the top of the rumor mill. Those details exposed an Android handset that sported a model number of RM-828V. The model numbers very close to those of Nokia’s Lumia handsets. Initially those rumors also stated that the bottom end of the new TI handsets would start at around $4,030 bucks. Today Vertu has announced the new TI handset and its base model, the Titanium Black Leather seen in the pictures will run you $9,600 bucks. Moving up the scale a Titanium Pure Black variation will run you $11,500, a Titanium Black Alligator (really Vertu, gator?) will run you about $12,800 bucks, while the top of the line Black PVD Titanium Red Gold Mixed Metals will run you about $19,900! With that price, you’ll be in a rather exclusive bunch of people who enjoy wasting their hard earned cash on a mediocre product. Sure the exterior may match the quality of your super car and its build quality is indeed at least slightly superior as it’s made by Nokia, but what is inside is for the most part comparable last year’s flagship devices that in some cases are free with contracts. The Vertu TI runs with the likes of last year’s Android version 4.0, a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 system chip with a dual core 1.7 GHz processor, 64 GB of internal memory an 8 mega pixel main camera and a 1.3 mega pixel secondary shooter. It uses a 3.7 inch sapphire crystal screen with an 800×480 pixel resolution that is housed in a titanium casing.  Additional connectivity can be had with “secure NFC”, as well as Full/Micro/Nano SIM card capabilities.

Does anyone use a Vertu phone? Anyone interested in Vertu’s foray into Android? Outside of its 64 GB of storage space and rare earth materials I can’t find anything to like, you? Sound off below and let us know what you think of the new 10k Android phone. Also, for all of us here in the real world, we carry the best most affordable selection of Android smart phones known to man.

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