The Verizon bound ZTE V66 Tablet to be branded the ZTE Turbine ?



Do you remember the last ZTE tablet to hit the market? Well, if you don’t we can’t blame you. For the record, ZTE is a telecomm hardware manufacturer that has pushed out some really excellent devices. When the company produces a new phone it usually comes with a carrier branding and is most likely branded a low end smart phone or simple feature phone. With a new goal to push 100 million smart phones ZTE is also ramping up their tablet space. The ZTE Optik is a 7 inch tablet that was recently launched via the now network for a super affordable low price of one hundred bucks. Some good news is leaking out of the interwebs that will give Verizon a variation of the super affordable Optik tablet.


Right around the time the Sprint bound Optik was leaking out as the V55, additional details of ZTE’s plans for a Verizon bound V66 version were exposed filing its way to the FCC and the Bluetooth SIG. The filing for its Bluetooth approval produced a rather blurry picture of the tablet. The picture of the V66 was compared to the Optik and was and ultimately assumed to be a variation of the of the Sprint slate. PocketNow.Com has recently connected some dots and revealed the name of the Verizon bound ZTE tablet. The site states they have uncovered the name ZTE Turbine from an accessories manufacturer that has been spot on with names of un announced devices in the past. Many of ZTE devices in the past have dropped the ZTE branding to be replaced by the carriers name. Think, At&t Avail or Verizon Salute for example, both devices were made by ZTE. However as the company has made plans of selling 100 million devices this year they are looking to raise a bit more awareness surrounding there brand. The ZTE Turbine is expected to run with the same spec settings and overall design as the Optik. The only difference is that the Turbine will of course have LTE compatibility which is not found in the Optik. Internally it should run with a 1.2 GHz dual core processor and present itself to you with a 7 inch 1280×800 touch screen display. You will also be able to snap pictures and video conference with its rear and front facing cameras. The best part of the ZTE Turbine is its price! Considering the Turbine is basically a rebranded Optik, you should expect this new slate to be offered up for cents on the dollar when signing into a new contract. So a super affordable 7 inch slate with an excellent pixel resolution…what more could you ask for?


But really tell us what you think of the Verizon bound ZTE Turbine, any interest? With LTE and a super low price tag this could be a very popular tablet! Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think, and as always, remember that we carry a huge selection of ZTE accessories.  


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