Verizon updates their Bold 9650 and Curve 3G to Blackberry OS 6

The wait is finally over for Bold or Curve 3G using Verizon customers. For some reason I think I can hear cheering in the streets. Back in August the world held its breath in anticipation to RIM’s new Blackberry OS6. The famed Torch 9800 lead the way to a new experience never before seen on a Blackberry device. The only question after that (and is still lingering) is what other Blackberry’s outside of the Torch would be donned with the new operating system. After a bunch of rumors and speculation it seems that only certain Bold and Curve 3G users would get such a privilege. Recently Sprint updated their version of the Bold and Curve 3G, however the question remained when Verizon would step to the plate and put Blackberry 6 into their devices. Well it looks like that time has come.

If you are a Blackberry Bold 9650 or Curve 3G toting Verizon customer the time has finally come to experience the new Blackberry OS 6. The new operating system brings a universal search, an updated webkit based browser and an all around better feel to the mundane Blackberry experience. Just in case you may have missed all of the fuss surrounding this new OS the general improvements include. Social Feeds and views, an improved web browsing experience, the aforementioned universal search, an all around better interface and improved multitasking. The new Blackberry OS also gets a better grasp on handling your multimedia i.e. music, videos etc.

So not the biggest improvements in the world, however if you are a Blackberry user that has had the chance to use your friends iPhone or Android, with this new OS you are indeed one step closer to that. The leaked versions of this new OS for Blackberrys has been lurking around for quite some time however, will become available via an OTA or “over the air” update scheduled to start Tuesday at around 8pm eastern time. That’s today!! So be on the lookout and be sure to let us know how you like the new official Blackberry 6.

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