Verizon Will Trade Your iPhone for Their Service

Verizon Wireless is betting that you are fed up with AT&T. So fed up in fact, that you want to switch to Verizon’s network. But what to do with your current smartphone that you paid a handsome price for? These thing don’t grow on trees now do they? (I wish they did.) That’s why Verizon is offering to buy your current iPhone from you if you switch. Before you start lining up to switch however, they’re not exactly paying top dollar.

A quick trip over to reveals that you’ll only get $36 for a full working, non display damaged 8GB iPhone 3GS. On eBay, the same model goes for over $200 used but in good shape. The iPhone 4 does a little better. Verizon will give you $212 for a working, non display damaged 32GB model. Quite a few other phones are listed as well from a variety of manufacturers, including BlackBerrys.

While the incentives are not what I would hope, maybe Verizon is betting that enough people are desperate to switch. Or it could signal that Verizon wants a plan in place once it starts selling the iPhone itself. The rumors are only growing stronger, despite Verizon’s CEO trying to downplay them. Hey, at least he hinted that an iPhone 5 with LTE (Long Term Evolution or 4G) network abilities might eventually find its way to his network. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

For those who really want to change carriers to Verizon, it looks like their best bet is still just eBaying their phone. However, that is still quite a bit of a hassle. Verizon will send you a prepaid gift card. Decisions, decisions. Think this signals that Verizon will be wanting you to switch carriers from AT&T to Verizon because their own iPhone model is coming? Or do you think Verizon is just desperate to lure people away from their current iPhone joy and AT&T?

Let me know if you’ll be considering this as an option.

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