Leaked Verizon FAQ for Samsung Galaxy S Tab Sheds Light

The Samsung Galaxy Tab might be coming as Early as November 1st  through Verizon Wireless, and a leaked information sheet for Verizon employees outlines the Android powered tablet. AndroidCentral got the info on the Samsung Tab from an anonymous source, but it looks quite genuine. The information page is labeled “Samsung Galaxy Tab: Top Things to Know” and lists six main points.

The page first outlines some of the Tab’s features, including its 3 megapixel rear camera and a 1.3 megapixel front camera for video calling. Next up is the 7” screen size and an emphasis on how thin the Tab is. Then the page goes over all of Verizon’s proprietary apps (more on that later) and talks about how Samsung is sure Android apps from the Android Market will work on a tablet. Developers will have to be sure their apps will fit to 7”, so expect at least some not to work correctly at first. The iPad had this same problem too but it is no longer an issue.

The Samsung Tab is also going to try to be a gaming machine like the iPod touch and iPad, and will have a six-axis motion sensor. That Verizon is using gaming and pushing that the Tab has a pixel density than the current iPad means it hopes to be able to use Android to compete against AT&T and iOS in the tablet market. With a bunch of other tablets coming out besides the Tab, we could see a really big tablet market develop faster than the smartphone market took.

Verizon is however expected to put Microsoft Bing as the default search engine on the device, which surely has to irk Google, who had made the Android 2.2 ‘Froyo’ OS the tablet runs. Verizon did the same to its Galaxy S smartphone, which the tablet is basically a larger version of. Verizon will also be preloading the tablet with its own backup software, V Cast suite of streaming media and kindle. The carrier really likes to get you to use its own stuff.

Think Verizon is trying to push the right buttons with its customers? It wants to sell this to both consumers and business people. Think Android is polished enough yet for a tablet? Should these manufacturers just wait for Google Chrome OS or has Android already stolen the show? Let me know.

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