Verizon’s Pre-Paid Blackberry’s

A pre-paid Blackberry to some sounds a little absurd. Blackberry’s are known for the low amounts of data they consume however, pre-paid Blackberry? For years you could not pick up a Blackberry on a pre-paid basis, the likes of companies like MetroPCS and Cricket have seemingly changed that game and it looks like Verizon wants a piece of the action.

In a recent post by BGR it looks like some Blackberry’s will be going the way of pre-paid plans. We have seen pre paid plans from the likes of Sprint, but only through their subsidiaries, Boost and Virgin Mobile. This will essentially be the first time we see a major put some time and effort behind a pre-paid Blackberry. But will it work? As I’m writing this news of the “outing” or removal of the Blackberry Storm 2 and 8530 are surfacing from internal Verizon documents and putting two and two together is making this whole pre-paid thing make more sense. With this news, I will assume that the models on that end of line list will indeed make the transition to the pre-pad plans. The end of line list include the Palm pre Plus as well. While the information coming out of BGR does not state which models will be available to the pre-paid plans, it will sure be interesting to see which ones make it and what they will cost. The details of the Pre-Paid plans from Verizon include a $30 Blackberry data plan just as it does with the post-paid customers.  A brief overview of the information provided to BGR

Overview:  Enables 3G & Blackberry devices with an email and web plan feature/bundle to be supported on Prepay. Prepaid customers will be billed for data similar to postpaid – i.e. mandatory data plan requirements for prepaid customers. (only pulls up monthly plans, brochure view)”

So let us know what you think of Pre-Paid Blackberry’s through the likes of Verizon? Worth it?

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