Verizon opens Pre-Orders for the Galaxy S5 and Ativ SE

Samsung_Galaxy_S5_officialThe Big Red bound Samsung Galaxy S5 and Ativ SE goes up for pre-order with an amazingly awesome limited time buy one get one deal. The Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Ativ SE are both excellent devices made by Samsung on opposite ends of the operating system war! The S5 is currently one of the Android handsets to beat while the Ativ SE is also positioning itself as one of the best Windows Phone’s money can buy. The S5 and SE are from the heart of Samsung and are up for sale with Verizon! Any takers?

The Samsung Galaxy S5 as you are likely well aware is the next generation of Android excellence from the Korean smart phone manufacturer. The Galaxy S5 was announced back in February and has slowly been making its release date debuts across the globe. Shortly after the announcement of the S5 carriers like At&t, Sprint and T-Mobile all announced launch dates and opened pre-orders. It was not until last Friday did Verizon decide to join the gang. The S5 can now be ordered up from Verizon and will cost you about $200 bucks under the muse of a new contract or approximately $600 bucks without, or some $25 bucks a month under the companies Edge program. Verizon however is making the deal a bit sweeter however by allowing S5 buyers a BOGO opportunity. If you pick up a new S5 under a two year contract you’ll be offered another two year contract but with an S5, Ativ SE or HTC One M8 for free! The S5 is expected to start shipping on April 11th.

The Samsung Ativ SE for a while was one of those devices we all thought Verizon has forgotten about. The Ativ SE is essentially a Galaxy S4 re-wrapped and packaged with the likes of Windows Phone 8. Early last week a final leak of the Ativ SE found itself into the headlines suggesting an April launch date. Shortly after this leak Verizon up and opened the pre-order window on the device and confirming its April 12th ship date. The Ativ SE can also be bundled with the buy one get one deal from Verizon and the S5 so if you’re shopping for new phones with big red, it’s a great time to pick up.

Anyone interested in either the S5 of Ativ SE? Sound off in the comments section below and let us know what you think and remember all the very best in Samsung accessories are here.

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