A Verizon Bound Nokia Tablet Appears in the Wild


A Verizon branded Nokia tablet smiles for the camera! You may remember Nokia’s recent decision to shift their focus on Microsoft’s latest Windows Phone operating system. The company openly opposed Android as a potential direction and chose to team up with Ballmer and the crew. Since the new relationship has taken form, we have seen a handful of rather awesome Lumia smart phones. Devices ranging from the low end to the super flagships like the most recent Lumia 1020. What we haven’t seen from Nokia and its new found OS, is a tablet. A tablet to rule them all! A Lumia tablet! Understandably, the tablet market has been saturated with iPad’s and Galaxies, but it looks as if Nokia may see their chance to swoop in very soon!

It was only a matter of time and a bit patience before Nokia launched a tablet. Currently, Microsoft’s tablet run is not fairing that entirely well. MS launched their Surface RT tablets to much anticipation; however the slates simply did not deliver in terms of units sold. The operating system needs a winner. Could this newly leaked Nokia tablet be that ticket to tablet stardom that Microsoft and Nokia a like need. Yesterday, leaky details surrounding the incoming Nokia tablet surfaced to the headlines further confirming previous rumors of the companies work in the tablet space. Current rumor give the tablet a 10.1 inch 1080p full HD touch screen , a Qualcomm made Snapdragon 800 system chip with a 2.15 Ghz processor and up to 32 GB of built in storage. The tablet is also expected to come fully equipped with a detachable keyboard, and run with Windows 8.1 RT. Initial rumors suggested that the Nokia tablet would be headed to At&t, while this new picture shows off a Verizon bound slate. As the tablet is expected to come with LTE capabilities, it is surely not unimaginable the device would be available for both carriers. The details that come along with this newly unearthed picture state Verizon will be announcing the new tablet on September the 26th.

Anyone interested? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of the prospect of a Nokia made Windows RT tablet. Also before you run be sure to checkout all the latest and greatest in Nokia accessories here.

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