Verizon wants to help you find your phone with the Mobile Recovery app from Asurion

A long day usually means you may be forgetting something, somewhere and this something, very well could be your mobile device. Whether it be budget projections falling short, that project for the boss not finished, that HUGE project to help you graduate, or even that first kiss from little Bobby there are surely enough reasons in this world to help you forget your most valuable device …your phone. It seems like a long time coming, as technology has grown rapidly, we have only seen the idea of “find my phone” become commercially available in the recent past. With the likes of Find My iPhone, it seems that the idea will become a staple in the near future.

Verizon with the help of Asurion will be implementing a Mobile Recover program for all Android, Blackberry, and Palm devices found on the Verizon network. With the assistance of the GPS feature on your device Verizon will help you locate the lost device. Asurion who takes up the responsibility of insuring your Verizon device will implement this App into the Total Equipment Coverage, which is found on your monthly bill from Verizon. But don’t panic as if your already paying that bit extra a month for this protection, your rate will not increase. The Mobile Recovery app by Asurion will be free of charge for customers already covered. Details of the new feature are surely impressive, if the Mobile Recovery App cannot locate your device and all else fails, the carrier will supposedly provide you with a timely next day replacement, sounds too good to be true and as Engadget points out surely there is some fine print involved with that turnaround time. You will also have the ability to remotely wipe the device in the event that it cannot be found.

About time if you ask me, now only if they can help locate that damn remote. Are you a Verizon customer with the Total Equipment Coverage plan? Finally feel like that extra couple bucks a month is worth it?

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