Verizon’s LTE Network and RIM

Verizon Wireless will be rolling out its LTE (Long Term Evolution or 4G) network by the end of the year, and that is excellent news for Research In Motion Ltd. (RIM). Why? Because the BlackBerry Storm 3 is going to be on it. It might even be the first LTE phone to roll out on the new network. If you are lucky enough to be living in one of the 25 largest metro areas in the country, then you might be seeing the new network as early as mid November according to

Since the Storm 3 will beat Apple’s still unconfirmed Verizon iPhone 4 to the LTE network, expect individuals looking to upgrade to a new handset to opt for RIM’s instead of Apple’s. Since AT&T is going to be nearly a year a behind Verizon with LTE, all of the iPhones currently around will be stuck watching their friends and family who did not jump onto the iPhone bandwagon streaming content at far faster speeds and higher resolution. Ah, revenge is sweet.

If RIM can manage to leverage all of the inevitable hype that will surround Verizon’s LTE network at its launch (I cannot wait to see how Verizon will anger AT&T with its next advertisement campaign), expect the company to get a much needed boost. RIM does not even need to offer more than one or two LTE phones at the network’s launch either to attract customers. Remember all of the hype surrounding 3G networks when they came out? RIM can ride LTE’s coattails.

Expect LTE a version of the upcoming BlackBerry 9800 Bold/Torch/Slider to eventually be released, as well as support for LTE in nearly all of RIM’s smartphones within a year and a half. After all, 4G networks and cloud storage/computing solutions are the future. RIM does not want to be left behind.

Will you be looking to switch to Verizon’s network when LTE comes to your area? Willing to pay for a phone upgrade to use LTE? Or are 3G speeds enough? Let me know.

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