Big Red’s LTE LG Spectrum Gets Leaky!

More LG excellence seems to be making its way to market. The last LG phones that have been announced are impressive to say the least. Take the next venture into the myTouch franchise with the myTouch and myTouch Q 4G devices, or the LG Doubleplay for example. These devices fit very well in the mid range of end users. But what about the high end? Well the LG Nitro HD sits in that category very well as does this newly leaked LTE based LG Spectrum. The Spectrum while it does not look like the most impressive handset, it provides some excellent power for your pocket.

The LG Spectrum was recently exposed in a ‘road map’ of sorts showing off LG release dates of new Verizon based models. The Spectrum was rumored to be the reissuing of the Revolution and supposed to be announced as the Revolution 2. While the Spectrum could still be marketed as the Revolution 2 it seems the LTE Spectrum is on its way. But what should you expect? Why, excellence of course. While Verizon seems to be building out their LTE collection with the addition of the HTC Rezound, Nexus and Droid RAZR the Spectrum seems to be next on the list. The LG Spectrum 4G device is rumored to come with an HD screen that will most likely measure from 4 inches or above. Further rumored details put a 1.5 GHz dual core processor within the Spectrum. The Spectrum is also said to carry an 8 mega pixel camera that will surely be able to record video in 1080p. Unfortunately that is where the details on specs end. The Spectrum will however, run with the power of Verizon’s super fast 4G LTE connectivity.  Reading over the specs and even the design for that matter, it seemingly adds up to another variant of the Optimus LTE, which is cool by me. So what do you see? Is the Spectrum to be the next best LTE option from Verizon?

Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of the upcoming LG offering. Does the Spectrum have what you need for your next upgrade? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of the leaked LG Spectrum 4G. But before you go don’t forget to check out our LG accessories.

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