Verizon Wireless Not Yet on iPhone’s Horizon

Fans of the iPhone that are currently disgruntled with AT&T’s quality of service may have to wait longer before expecting any reprieve. The same can be said for Verizon consumers waiting to purchase their iPhones from the carrier. An agreement between both Apple and Verizon Wireless has not yet come to pass and may not happen for at least the next few months.

Analysts have indicated that the much awaited iPhone under the Verizon Wireless plan may appear next month as initially indicated. Although there has been no confirmation from officials on either Verizon or Apples side, BroadPoint AmTech Analyst Brian Marshall has stated that the agreement between Apple and AT&T has not been severed yet. Instead, the contract has been extended for at least another six more months. This change of heart may have been due to AT&T’s new data plan for another Apple product, the iPad. With this recently formed contract plan, AT&T is willing to slash down the data plan prices by half for their iPad consumers with no obligation to purchase.

If rumors and speculations are true, both iPhone and Verizon Wireless subscribers will have to wait until next year for any changes regarding the agreements. According to a survey which included 4,000 Verizon Wireless consumers, more than half expressed that they would be interested in purchasing an iPhone under the carrier.

It was initially speculated that iPad would be passed on to Verizon Wireless, if the agreement between them and Apple materialized. With the recent update, it had become clear that the iPad will also be remaining with AT&T. As the contract has been extended, consumers can look forward to seeing the new iPhone 4G under the AT&T banner. The release of the much awaited new iPhone model will occur expect in San Francisco at the World Wide Developer Conference (WDCC).