Verizon iPhone to Arrive in January

Rumors have been pouring in for weeks now, but it seems that Bloomberg has gotten word from someone inside Apple. Verizon Wireless is getting the iPhone 4 in January. The news just gets better too. Expect the Verizon version of the iPhone 4 to be sporting LTE (Long Term Evolution aka. 4G) technology. The superior data transfer speeds that LTE promises could soon finally be a reality and on a phone that people want to buy. Excited? I sure am.

Chandan Sarker, an analyst for Auriga Securities was quotted as commenting that, “I think that when they launch next year, they’re probably going to end up using this iPhone as the spearhead to their new fourth-generation network, what they call long-term evolution, or LTE, and I think that combination is going to be quite potent in the marketplace.” Some skepticism was evident though, “LTE is going to be a brand-new technology, and as much as we’d like to think that just by moving away from AT&T everything’s going to be perfect, it’s probably going to have some issues early on, I suspect.” iPhone 4 reception issues anyone?

While no one knows yet if Verizon’s version of the iPhone will be any different than AT&T’s, the fact that Verizon’s LTE network is launching considerably earlier than AT&T’s might give Verizon a considerable advantage.  Combine that with the fact that Verizon’s network is larger than AT&T’s, and the fact that AT&T’s network has been struggling under the strain of iPhone users’ infamous data consumption and we have a strong argument that Verizon might become the carrier to own an iPhone on. At least until AT&T’s new network rolls out.

Will you be lining up to buy a new iPhone on Verizon’s network? If you already have an iPhone from AT&T, will you be switching? Excited about what LTE technology will mean for the next crop of smartphones? Let us know.

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