Verizon iPhone Could Put a Hurting on Android Sales in the US According to Analysts

Verizon Wireless picture with Apple iPhone and Google AndroidAT&T has been the exclusive carrier for Apple’s iPhone since 2007 when the first model of the very popular smart phone first came out. That all could be changing early next year when Verizon Wireless is widely expected to receive its own model of the iPhone 4. The strong success of smart phones powered by Google’s Android operating system has certainly been helped along by Verizon who has put its own advertising dollars behind them to keep AT&T from passing it in subscribers. Now that the Verizon iPhone is coming, we could see a whole new smart phone game—this time with the iPhone dominating.

At least that’s what the analysts are saying.

Perhaps the strongest worded statement regarding Android, Verizon and the iPhone came from analyst Gene Munster, who works at Piper Jaffray. “The greatest factor in the success of Android has been Verizon. Customers are loyal to the carrier, and once Verizon gets the iPhone, we believe Android’s success in the U.S. will be tested,” he said to investors. Munster also noted that in countries where Apple’s iPhone is available on multiple carriers and Android-powered smartphones are available, the iPhone outsells Android.  He expects that when Verizon gets the iPhone finally, a similar situation will start to unfold here in the US.

Interestingly, Consumer Reports has declared AT&T the worst carrier in the country. In fact, while it ranked in last place last year as well, its score has dropped since then. AT&T received a score of 60 out of 100 this year while US Cellular—which earned the top spot—scored 82. Last year, AT&T received as score of 62. Could we see a tidal wave of customers switching over from AT&T to Verizon when the iPhone 4 finally lands there next year (by sometime in March presumably)? Possibly.

Once Verizon starts selling its own iPhone, the playing field between Android and iOS will start to finally level out. While Android smart phones are available on pretty much every carrier in the US, the iPhone has been holding its own on only one. I can’t wait to see how the sales figures and market share will stack up next year.

Will Verizon stop pushing Android phones in favor of its own iPhone? Think all of this talk is overblown and Android will be the clear winner when the dust settles? That’s what the comments are for.

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