Verizon iPhone Hints from Motorola and More iPhone 5 Speculation



The rumors of a version of Apple’s iPhone hitting Verizon’s wireless network early next year have somehow morphed into an assumption in the media and recent comments by Motorola’s co-CEO are only adding fuel to the fire. Sanjay Jha has said to investors that a “new competitive dynamic” could mess up Motorola’s so far successful relationship with Verizon. Motorola has experienced massive success with its smart phones—like the Droid X—that run Google’s Android OS. Verizon has thrown plenty of promotional dollars behind Motorola’s phones in the past but the launch of the Verizon iPhone could derail things. In related news, speculation over Apple’s coming iPhone 5 has now shifted to features like an integrated PICO projector and mobile television. I’m excited, are you?

Motorola and Google Could Be in for a Surprise

If the iPhone does come to Verizon’s network like everyone hopes and expects, Google’s Android OS will finally have to start competing head-to-head with iOS on the most popular carrier in the US and instantly double the iPhone’s potential domestic market. Motorola has been riding a wave of success lately driven by its Android smartphones. Verizon customers opting for the iPhone can’t help Motorola—especially if Verizon starts putting advertising dollars behind its iPhone model instead of Motorola’s Android phones.

Motorola’s strategy to keep its smartphone customers and prevent defections to Apple’s iPhone and iPad offerings? It plans to start selling 4G LTE enabled devices in the first quarter of 2011. No one really expects Apple to jump on board 4G yet because of costs, availability and power consumption. If 4G explodes in popularity, the feature might just help Motorola keep its edge on Verizon’s network.

Juicy iPhone 5 Speculation

Apple’s iPod and iPhone have always been a popular target for speculation. The latest? Brian White—a hardware analyst at Ticonderoga Securities—has written that he thinks the iPhone 5 would be a perfect candidate to popularize Pico projection technology and mobile Internet television on smartphones. Pico projectors have been shrinking in size over the past couple of years and let users display whatever they want on any available wall or other flat surface. A Pico projector integrated into the iPhone 5 or even the iPad 2 would certainly drive up demand for the feature.

Television service for mobile phones is another idea that White wrote about. While the idea hasn’t really caught on yet—streaming, on demand content is still king—it does have some interesting possibilities. However, cellular data networks would certainly need to be upgraded if the feature came integrated into phones and for free or very low cost.

Does the Verizon iPhone spell doom for Android?

Will we be disappointed yet again and not get a Verizon compatible iPhone next year?

Do you want an integrated Pico projector or mobile television more in the iPhone 5?

Let me know!

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