The Verizon iPhone Could Arrive Early 2011—No, Really

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A Verizon compatible iPhone model is in the works. Really this time. The Wall Street Journal has interviewed a number of people “briefed by the company [Apple]” who claim that Apple will begin mass producing a CDMA iPhone (presumably an iPhone 4) in early 2011. However, the new phone might not be available right away. Apparently, Apple decided to wait for Verizon to update its network to LTE (long term evolution or 4G) technology before making a model for the carrier, but changed plans when it realized Verizon will take quite a while to update its cellular network. I guess this means no iPhone 4 LTE on Verizon in exchange for an iPhone on Verizon.

An iPhone with a slower (what is currently available) cellular data connection is better than no iPhone at all. When asked for comment by the WSJ, AT&T said that only Apple knows when a CDMA iPhone will be available. AT&T has had an exclusivity contract with Apple since the first iPhone came out in 2007. Lots of customers on networks other than AT&T have been clamoring for an iPhone of their own, and it looks like Apple just might be giving them what they want. The WSJ is a pretty reliable source, so its endorsement of the Verizon iPhone rumors really gives them some credibility now.

Of course, the Verizon iPhone myth has been here since 2007 and has been proven wrong by each new iPhone model release. An iPhone 5 model will be appearing next year as well, so the possibility of two new iPhones certainly is exciting. The iPhone 5 is expected to be thinner and faster, and might even have near field communication (NFC) technology inside of it to allow it to function as a wireless wallet. Apple already has the information for credit and debit card transactions for millions of Americans because of its iTunes store. Apple currency anyone?

The news from the WSJ certainly is making me start to hope for a Verizon iPhone. We have been disappointed before in the past, but the had to come eventually right? Let’s keep our fingers crossed. Tell me if you think the Verizon iPhone is real this time.

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