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The Apple iPhone has been dead locked into At&t service for its 4 years of existence, but the time has come for the iPhone to spread its wings here in the states and is now available under Verizon Wireless. The Verizon version of the Apple iPhone 4 will be made available for online ordering on February 9th at 3:01 AM Eastern standard time, and then readily available the following day on the 10th. But are you picking one up? If you are planning on picking up a new iPhone from Verizon you may want to consider protecting it. Starting at $200 the Apple iPhone is more of a personal investment then simply a phone. It can do wonders for your personal and business life so protect your investment with accessory options from WirelessGround.Com.

Here at WirelessGround.Com we provide a full range of accessories for your Apple iPhone no matter who the carrier is. Keep in mind the new Verizon iPhone has not changed too much compared to the At&t version. However, there are indeed slight differences to the placement of the volume buttons and locking switch on the side of the iPhone. No problem though, WirelessGround.Com has gone through and will continue to go through the process of determining which accessories are compatible with both the At&t and Verizon versions of the Apple iPhone 4 . WirelessGround.Com makes this simple, easy and to the point by giving you a whole page dedicated to the Verizon iPhone. The Verizon iPhones accessories can be found on our Verizon iPhone Accessories page. This separates all the accessories that are only compatible with the At&t or Verizon version of the iPhone, so you know you’re getting accessories for the Verizon version only. WirelessGround.Com carries over 20k accessories, a big part of which dedicated to the iPhone.   

Protector cases from the big names like Griffin, Case-Mate, Monaco and OtterBox are on hand and stocked to the brim just waiting to find a home on your Verizon iPhone. Car chargers, home chargers, OEM Data cables, Bluetooth keyboards, emergency chargers and anything else you would need to protect and use your Verizon iPhone 4 can all be found at WirelessGround.Com. So when you pick up your Verizon iPhone on February 10th do yourself a favor and save yourself some money by picking up your accessory at WirelessGround.Com. As always guys if you have questions about accessorys or would just generally like some more information on a product be sure to ask, were here all the time.


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