No Verizon iPhone Any Time Soon

For the last few weeks, there have been rumors about the exclusivity contract between AT&T and Apple expiring soon. Some have speculated that Verizon may be the most likely candidate if the iPhone went to another carrier, even going as far as stating that the deal may produce the Verizon iPhone 4G before the year ends. Others, however are hesitant to believe the reports, citing many physical obstacles including redeveloping the Apple smartphone from the current GSM of AT&T to Verizon’s CDMA.  Contract wise, the deal between Apple and its carrier is said to be iron clad and will last until 2012. Now we have news which may disappoint Verizon subscribers who were hoping to see the iPhone 4G in their midst soon.

According to a representative from the Verizon carrier, the company is not planning to support an iPhone anytime “in the immediate future.” Some have deemed this statement contrary to Steve Jobs’ recent statements during the D8 Conference. With one question regarding Apple looking for a new carrier, he simply replies that “there might be” some chance of the iPhone finding an additional home. Actually, the statements do not go directly against each other.  Steve Jobs is open to bringing the carrier to another carrier, he just does not say which one. This means it might be Verizon or it might not be.

There is also another reason which makes the leap from AT&T to Verizon somewhat vague at this point. The carrier is currently highly vested in Android smartphones as of the moment.  With the current line of Android smartphones doing well for the carrier, the iPhone 4G may not be the first priority on the carrier’s list. Until Steve Jobs actually says which carrier Apple will be adding to the list, all we have is speculation. According to Jobs pertaining to the carrier issue, “The future is long. I can’t talk about that stuff.”