A Verizon bound HTC One Remix leaks into the headlines



Pictures of the Verizon bound HTC One Remix leak into the headlines! The HTC One series of handsets is taking off and spawning into different variations. As you may know the One is offered up in Max as well as Mini form and will likely see different versions in the future. What we haven’t seen from HTC recently is a rebranding of devices for carriers, but it looks as if the manufacture has made a deal with big bad Verizon Wireless to re-brand their very own Mini 2. Pictures of the Verizon bound HTC made One Remix has leaked into the wild.

The rebranding of devices for carriers is a common practice that at this point is usually reserved for mid range to entry level devices and is common among manufactures such as ZTE, Pantech and Huawei to name a few. The One Mini 2 was recently announced and now a rather similar looking device is appearing in the rumor mill thanks to @EVleaks. While specific details surrounding the device are still in the air it is widely expected this is a rebranded One Mini 2. The pictures show off a blue device that is sporting a shell style case with front facing speakers and a bottom mounted charging port. Unfortunately, that is where the buck stops with this new rumor. While the spec’s on the One Remix are still unknown the One Mini 2 comes with a 4.5 inch 720p touch screen, a 13 mega pixel camera and a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor running the show. So only time will tell what the HTC One Remix has to offer, but is likely a colorful One Mini 2.

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