Verizon FIOS Customers get some mobile perks!

Verizon has recently been testing there new LTE network coverage and the majority of the cell phone industry is gitty with anticipation. Verizon has also recently made news with the speeds at which they have tested there new FIOS network near 1gigabit per second is pretty fast and impressive.

But I’m not here to talk about your internet connection; I’m here to tell you about all the great things that are happening around you in the mobile industry right? Well guess what, Verizon via their super fast FIOS network is giving you some mobile apps! So if you are a Verizon FIOS customer with their DVR and an Ipad listen up. Verizon has announced today that they will be offering up a new video application for their FIOS TV, iPad owning customers. Essentially you can watch your FIOS programming directly from your iPad. Now with all great things comes amazing catch’s right? Yes of course, the catch in this situation is, “subscribers with an iPad will only be able to watch linear programming within their own home, which allows Verizon to authenticate and make certain that the users have access to whatever content they have paid for” quoted from Gigaom in their initial report.

Other good news to report on the Verizon App front, is there new video-on-demand app that is slated to launch in the years fourth quarter. The application will allow users to rent and purchase video and watch them on their mobile handsets. Initially I thought, ok Moto Droid users must be happy, but it turns out that the app will run over many platforms, not just Androids. The app is said to be able to run on the new Droid 2, Droid X a Blackberry Storm 2 and even Windows Mobile 6.5 devices. Now that is simply amazing?

So let us have it, are you a FIOS customer looking to watch TV on your iPad, in your house? That just sounds silly.

Or maybe you’re interested in renting some videos from the palm of your hand?

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