Verizon: Droid X will be in stock

When shopping for a new smart phone or even an upgrade you may have encountered some issues with stock levels. The Sprint EVO 4G and the Verizon Droid Incredible out of HTC are perfect examples of high demand on new technology, and while short supplies limit sales for the two carriers it is hard to imagine these manufacturers and carriers did not foresee this.

When the Droid Incredible went on back order infinity, Verizon stepped up to the plate and offered it’s patiently waiting customers a choice to pick up the newly announced monster phone from Motorola the Droid X at no additional cost. From there the rumors began to fly as to if the carriers would have enough stock to go around, as it is becoming a popular trend with the newest super phones of the day.  With major retailers halting pre orders shortly after the Droid X was announced, it seemed that this Droid X would suffer the same fate as its competition. But news today is seemingly halting this rumor as Brenda Raney a Verizon employee in the handsets, distribution and marketing department has pretty much stated inventory levels on the Motorola Droid X will not be an issue. Sources from around the interwebs have un-officially confirmed that most Verizon retail stores will have anywhere from fifty to one hundred Droid X’s available on its release day. The numbers being tossed around in regard to stock levels states that the Droid X’s stock levels would be at around thirty thousand per regional warehouse. Thirty thousand per regional warehouse sounds more than efficient to me and very well could be an overshot. So it is looking like Motorola has taken the past and learned from it, now let’s just hope the launch and implantation goes as smooth.

This is obviously good news, as the phone is officially launching as of tomorrow.

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