Verizon acknowledges Droid X screen issues

Does your Droid X’s screen look like the one pictured? Well if it does, go call Verizon. Big Red and Motorola have acknowledged the issue with the screen on the new Droid X and say it only affects a small number of units that were shipped.

Verizon and Motorola manned up addressing a screen issue that was brought to light by some very unhappy Droid X users. The issue that is not seemingly wide spread consists of the screen “flickering” at high speeds as well as essentially large white lines or banding over parts or of the entire 4.3 inch screen. When initially reported there were some users stating that they have already had their Droid X’s replaced, while retailers told some customers that the defect was a common problem on the first batch of Droid X’s to hit the earth. Verizon was questioned about the issue by the concerning press, shot them an email and has had a response to the problems issued today. Verizon stated that they are indeed aware of the screen issues affecting the early adopters to the Droid X, and it is being corrected. Verizon’s email stated that Motorola has address and fixed the issue, and the Droid X is continuing to ship. Verizon then goes on to state that any customers experiencing flickering and or banding of the gorgeous screen should contact Motorola or a Verizon Wireless center.  

If you were one of the unfortunate souls that has ended up with one of these defect Droid X’s take it back, and they will replace it for you. If you do indeed have one of these defective units, you should play the lotto, Verizon claims that this issue is only affecting one-tenth of one percent of the unknown number of units sold.

Droid X user?

Do you see banding, or flickering?

Let us know what you think of how this was handled in comparison to the way other competitors handled their users issues.

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