Leaked Verizon Road Map Sheds Light on Coming BlackBerrys

Ah, gotta love leaked road maps for cellular carriers and manufactures. The most recent one comes in the form of a source that Phone Arena calls a “trustworthy source.” Take that with the appropriate measurement of salt. Okay, the Torch is out and the fanfare surrounding it has started to die down. Now lets look at what might be in the near future for BlackBerrys on Verizon’s network.

The Storm 3 9570

The road map claims that the BlackBerry Storm 3 (9570) will launch sometime in October for Verizon. This doesn’t quite mesh with earlier reports that leaned towards either a September, November or December launch, but regardless of whether or not RIM moves it forward or back a month probably isn’t going to make much of a difference given the next claim.

SurePress. That’s right, the Storm 3 will allegedly run with SurePress screen technology like its older Storm cousins. How do you feel about that? The Torch 9800 has the better capacitive touchscreen technology like the rest of Research In Motion’s (RIM) competitors use. The newest leak also makes no mention of the rumored video calling or LTE (Long Term Evoltion of 4G) network capabilities like past rumors have, well, rumored. We’ll just have to wait a little longer to know more…

The Curve 3 9330

The CDMA BlackBerry Curve 3 (9330) is also claimed to pop up in October and be heading towards Sprint and Verizon. While still little is known about this BlackBerry, expect it to be a slightly modified 9300. Hopefully it gets a boost to 512MB of RAM, because 256MB configurations don’t appear to be compatible with BlackBerry OS 6 on CDMA networks. I’ll keep you posted are more news come out about this one.

Think that these coming BlackBerrys are going to be game changers or comfortable refreshes to existing BlackBerrys that users are comfortable with? Let me know what you think. I just hope that both ship with BlackBerry OS 6.

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