Analyst: Verizon Launching a BlackBerry Slider with OS 6 by March 2011

Who wants a Torch on Verizon Wireless?

Verizon has long been a key partner of BlackBerry smart phone maker Research In Motion and next year might bring a whirlwind of exciting release. At least that is what Kaufman Brothers’ Shaw Wu thinks. From his research, he believes that that new devices running BlackBerry OS 6 will hit Verizon by March at the latest. His speculation points towards Verizon selling the BlackBerry Torch 9800 or something similar.

Something similar? BBLeaks points out that they have been hearing rumors of a horizontal slider configured BlackBerry. In fact, patent documents that RIM has filed in the past support this. AT&T has exclusivity for the Torch 9800 but this could end with the close of the year…or not. Either way, Verizon receiving a BlackBerry with some type of slide-out keyboard is highly likely.

While Verizon has still not updated any of its BlackBerry phones to the new BlackBerry OS 6 like has been promised, the updates are presumably still coming. Right Verizon? Then again, analyst Shaw Wu claimed earlier this month that Verizon really just doesn’t care anymore about BlackBerry OS 6 after seeing the final product. His exact words were that his sources inside Verizon see “no material value” to BB OS 6. How’s that for harsh? RIM better get its new QNX built operating system onto its smart phones as quickly as it can.

That’s the other thing. The Storm 3 seems to be on again, then off again and then on again. However, no one has heard anything about it for a while now. Does Verizon have plans to release it? Could it really end up with LTE compatibility like some of the older rumors claim? The BlackBerry PlayBook will come out in Wi-Fi only, 3G and LTE 4G configurations next year. The Wi-Fi only model is coming first but RIM has stated several times that LTE is a strong part of its plans for 2011. Here’s hoping that the Storm 3 looks like a mini-PlayBook and has an LTE 4G radio under the hood.

Are you interested at all in a BB Torch on Verizon’s network? More interested in a horizontal slider with BB OS 6? Just want RIM and Verizon to release a Storm 3 with LTE? I know you’ve got an opinion so let me know what it is in the comments below.

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