Breakdown of Verizon’s Smart Phone Sales by Manufacturer—BlackBerry Tumbling

Sales of smart phones on Verizon's network by manufacturer

If the figures that ITG—an investment research firm—has put out are anywhere close to accurate, Research In Motion’s BlackBerry line of smart phones are going the way of the dodo on Verizon’s network. Just look at the graph (click to enlarge). In October 2009, BlackBerrys accounted for nearly 95% of all of Verizon’s smart phone sales. One year later? Just shy of 25%.

A one year drop of 70% definitely cannot be good news for RIM. Since Apple’s iPhone still has not shown up yet on Verizon’s network (keep your fingers crossed and pray to the phone gods), it has been Android OS powered phones that have been tearing RIM a new one. Of the Android smart phone manufacturer pack, Motorola looks to be by far the most successful on Big Red. If the current trend continues until the end of December, Motorola will be able to lay claim to a whopping 40% of Verizon’s smart phone sales for the month. HTC is doing better than Samsung and LG right now but all three are within 10% of each other. This is still way too close to call.

Poor Palm down at the bottom with…is that 0.5% or just 0%? Hopefully HP’s acquisition of Palm will help get things straightened out. With the PalmPad tablet and a bunch of new smart phones in the works, the Palm/HP partnership could really work out well. Too bad HP had to stick its name onto the front of webOS though. It’s now officially HP webOS 2.0. At least they haven’t put webOS into any washer machines or vacuum cleaners yet.

What will be really interesting to see once the Verizon iPhone finally surfaces is how the numbers stack up then on the carrier’s network. Given that Apple shipped 14+ million iPhones in the third quarter of this year and Motorola only shipped 3.8 million, it’s almost sad. Especially because Motorola already has its phones on Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T…you get the picture. But that’s the power of Android really. Motorola doesn’t need to sell 20 million smart phones to put Android into the top spot because Google has help from so many other manufacturers as well.

Are these numbers accurate? Can anyone remember a smart phone on Verizon’s network that wasn’t a BlackBerry before Android launched? Let me know in the comments guys and girls.

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