Verizon’s data plans

Recently Verizon has come out of the wood work with a bit of information about their data plans. Information on Verizon is stating that they will be putting “caps” on their unlimited data plans and at the same time set forth some restriction within their new tiered plans.

Generally speaking the four majors usually follow each other’s moves pretty closely. At&t just before the release of the iPhone 4 announced tiered data plans and essentially the removal of ‘unlimited’ access. If you are a Verizon customer you should know information is circulating that Verizon is planning on implanting the same structure into their plans. It is unknown at this point what Verizon’s pricing structure will look like, however if it looks like At&t’s, well some users may be unhappy. At&t’s tiered data plans removed the word ‘unlimited’ from the picture and essentially let you get your 200 MB of data for 15 bucks a month, and the higher end providing you with 2GB of data for 20 bucks a month. Information floating around the interwebs is claiming that Verizons new data plans will go into effect sometime around July 29th. The prices are not confirmed and or plan information not even seemingly leaked, but most are under the assumption that Verizon’s prices will be within an earshot of what At&t has already established.  

The improvements to Verizon’s smartphone line up is most likely the match to this fire as At&t announced their plans assuming mass overload to their network with the release of the iPhone 4. With the release of devices like the HTC Incredible and the new monster phone the Droid X it looks like Verizon is hunkering down for the storm of flying bits, and bytes.

So keep in mind, the more data your phone can consume, simply means the more leverage for the carriers to revamp their data plans and essentially up the fees. Makes sense, and I cannot blame them.

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