WP7 Powered Venue Pro from Dell Experiencing Delays Already

Dell’s Venue Pro is one of the most anticipated Windows Phone 7 devices but it is taking a beating—shipping delays are its newest problem. The Venue Pro hit stores yesterday in small quantities with T-Mobile lined up as its first carrier in the US. Almost immediately, reports of a Wi-Bug hit the Internet. The smartphone also entered the unusual WP7 microSD situation when it was confirmed that it does indeed use a microSD card as its internal storage. Now UK retailer Clove Technology is listing “Stock delayed until January 2011” next to the phone after being one of the first to offer pre-orders on it. So what’s up with the Venue Pro?

Clove Technology is the first retailer to say that they don’t have any yet. WPCentral is also reporting that customers of the company who pre-ordered are receiving e-mail notification of the delay. When you figure that January is more than a month away, you have to wonder what is up. You would think that’s enough time for them to build the phones and ship them to stores. HTC’s HD7—another in the first batch of WP7 smartphones—is also having some pre-order difficulties according to the site.

Could Dell be delaying its shipments to fix the Wi-Fi bug that manifests itself when users try to connect to protected Wi-Fi networks? That makes sense but it would be nice if Dell would come out and say something. Leaving us in the dark just makes us anxious. January is a long time away.

Those lucky enough to have received their Venue Pros on schedule have confirmed that yes, Dell’s jump into WP7 also uses a microSD card reader to provide its internal storage like many other WP7 models. Most of the other models have microSD card slots hidden and require some taking apart to swap for larger storage. Dell put theirs right under the battery and slapped a warranty sticker on top of it. It’s like they are taunting us. Lift the sticker, swap out the card and you void the warranty. Seriously Dell?

The Venue Pro is a good smartphone. It is unfortunate that its experiencing so many problems in its first few days. Hopefully the supply problems clear themselves up or are blown out of proportion. If Dell is delaying this, would you really want a smartphone that can’t connect to any Wi-Fi networks you use? Is Dell being a jerk for not even bothering to hide the microSD slot? Let me know in comments. That’s what they are for after all.

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