Unusual Uses for the iPad

Give the people an iPhone or an iPad and see them do wondrous things with it. We have featured a number of interesting uses for the iPhone over the past few weeks, some currently not available on the market yet and still under development. Now it is time for the iPad to show its stuff.

The Apple tablet has only been released in the US since April, with other countries getting their hands on the device since around late May, but as early as now people are already finding some interesting uses for them. In Japan, a team of doctors operating on a patient at Kobe University were seen using an iPad to aid them during the procedure. By using the Apple tablet, it allowed them to magnify the image of what they were operating on. Considering the tablet was used in a supposed sterile environment such as the hospital, it was not exactly a pretty sight by any means. The device was propped up by two additional medical personnel and wrapped in what appeared to be some form of flimsy plastic. However, it does open up the possibility of having use for the device in the medical industry.

In other parts of the parts of the globe, uses have ranged from the seemingly normal to the weird and stupid. Being a portable entertainment system, people have installed their beloved Apple tablets in various parts of the home and car. Just recently, Jetstar has confirmed the use of the tablet on some of their selected flights.

For individuals who have money to burn, some have used the device to entertain, not humans, but their feline friends instead. The oddest and least useful has been the report that someone actually used the device to see how it would fare against the blades of a blender. With several million of these Apple tablets already sold, it would only take some time before we see more unusual uses for the iPad.