UltraSn0w Carrier Unlock for iOS 4.2 Arriving by Weekend

The iPhone hacking group—Dev Team—has announced through Twitter that it will be releasing its UltraSn0w carrier unlock for iOS 4.2.1 by Sunday at the latest. The first two models to be supported are the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. Unfortunately, the iPhone 4 will not be unlocked quite yet.

The actual tweet from @MuscleNerd says,

“Good progress today…everything is on track for updated ultrasn0w by Sunday/Funday at the latest (longer for iPhone4!)”

Got that? If you have an iPhone 4 and want to unlock it and be freed from the shackles of AT&T’s network then don’t update to iOS 4.2 (technically 4.2.1) yet. There is also the issue of the new release of iOS trying to force iPhone owners to update their baseband when updating. See the update at the bottom of the page if you follow the link.

iOS 4.2 has already been jailbroken through RedSn0w and until Apple updates the actual hardware inside of its iOS devices, all current models are susceptible to the LimeRa1n exploit that GeoHot developed. However, I recommend against updating to the new iOS release until everything is sorted out on the jailbreaking/unlocking end if you ever plan to use your iPhone on another network. You don’t want to chance having your iPhone permanently locked to AT&T or bricked. Patience is a virtue.

Apple is certain to start making things more difficult for jailbreakers and unlockers. Between the Verizon iPhone that is widely expected to release in early 2011 and the rumors of the iPhone 5 being a world phone with both GSM and CDMA radios inside, Apple wants to be sure that it has control over which network you are on. The company is also rumored to be in the process of developing proprietary SIM card technology that will lock future iPhones into a network through iTunes. This could either be a golden ticket for unlockers or the death blow.

The next update to Apple’s mobile operating system—iOS 4.3—is now rumored to have a December 13th release date. That hardly gives the hacking community any time before all of their hard work is potentially wiped out. Think Apple has a trick up its sleeve that will render the LimeRa1n exploit useless? You just know the company could do a lot more than it already does to keep iOS locked into AT&T and iTunes.

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