UberTwitter Update Coming Late This Week

BlackBerry users Twitter—a lot—so it comes as no surprise that UberTwitter, the popular Twitter client for BlackBerry, is getting an update late this week. Or possibly early next week, but here is hoping to sooner than later since the new versions brings a host of new features including:

-          Updated interface

-          Inline viewing of photos from Twitsnap.com

-          Saved searching

-          Improved organization of Tweets, including a timeline for conversations

-          List searching

Ah, now we can spend less time using Twitter and more time using Twitter. It is always nice when features that actually improve the user experience by cutting down on time roll out. These days it seems that app updates for smartphones only seem to add bugs and more advertising.

If you are a current UberTwitter user, then just follow @ubertwiter for when the new version comes out, and for any new features that I might have skimmed over or missed. Like I said before, only a closed beta has been available until the launch, so more features might find their way into our hands.

The Justin Beiber fan girl army might be arming itself with the new update though, so expect more nonsense on the web news about him and Twitter. All of the commotion and you would have thought that Twitter hired Beiber to promote the company. Sorry for the rant, but I am getting a little tired of celebrity news related to Twitter. It is good to see though that news about the service and applications that support it does exist.

Excited about the upcoming update to UberTwitter? Is UberTwitter your preferred Twitter client? Think something else is better or that we should all stop Twitter and get back to Facebook posting? Let me know.

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