UberTwitter 8 Beta for BlackBerry Goes Public

Popular BlackBerry Twitter client UberTwitter is now in version 8 beta, and that beta is finally available to the public. Twitter is becoming part of our daily lives (scary thought) and due to the high volume of information being passed around through it, it is becoming more and more complex to manage. Social media is getting crowded and now you almost need a clone to just manage all of it. Fortunately for those who constantly tweet, lots of new features have made it into the app and here is a quick rundown:

-          Newly designed user interace with themes

-          Inline viewing of twitsnap.com photos

-          Much improved navigation

-          Searches are now saved

-          Conversation timelines are now implemented

-          The ability to mute others

-          Integration into InstaPaper

-          The ability to list search lists

-          Uber Channels

The beta can be downloaded ubertwitter.com/bb/download.php

So what are you waiting for? Run over and grab it. The app is so popular for a reason you know.

While you load it onto your BlackBerry, drop me a comment in response to the following question: will Twitter be here to stay or it going to eventually run out of steam? Best response earns my following on Twitter (please note that I rarely Tweet anything, as I am nearing social media burnout). Happy tweeting!

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