RIM Releasing Two New Phones By August

Research In Motion Ltd. has been taking quite a pounding on the stock market recently amid worries by analysts and investors over its long-term competitive prospects against Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android OS.  Despite posting a record number of devices sold for the first financial quarter this year, RIM missed its revenue projects by a couple of percentage points and its stock took a dive of nearly eight percent. Why? RIM is still doing well but everyone wants a sign that the company is back in form. Not to worry, Ubergizmo is reporting that RIM is going to release two new phones by August.  Oh, and one of these will be the BlackBerry 9800 Torch (or it will be called the 9800 Slider or 9800 Bold, depending on who you ask). Excited? I sure am.

Many pictures have popped up on the web recently showcasing the new slide out keyboard and touch screen that the 9800 Torch will be packing. Presumably shipping with OS 6 (or having most of the features and quickly updatable to the official release of the new OS—think the iPad’s custom version of iOS 3) the new smartphone will be what either makes or breaks RIM in North America.  Since the new phone will support RIM’s soon to be released Webkit-based mobile browser with much needed performance and compatibility upgrades, it is has evidently become the cornerstone of RIM’s plans for the future.

While we do not know yet what the other soon to be released BlackBerry model will be, it will most likely also be sporting or readily upgradable to OS 6.

RIM is pulling out all of the stops now and with all of these new phones coming out—plus the widely anticipated BlackBerry Tablet—and looks to come roaring back to reclaim its spot as the phone to have. But this time it does not matter if you are a corporate user or a regular consumer. RIM wants your business.

Think the new phone is going to be an iPhone killer? RIM’s breakaway touch screen success? A flop? Let me know.

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