Two new BlackBerry Storm Models?

 The big story that broke yesterday about the supposed leaked picture of the coming BlackBerry Storm 3 gets interested. Very interesting. BoyGeniusReport claims that have seen the next Storm series device and while they have not had an opportunity to photograph it, they have some surprising information about it. BGR is also stating that the photograph circulating is not the device that they have seen. Oh it gets more interesting.

BGR says that the coming Storm is going to be a simple refresh of the Storm 2. Think something like the Bold 9780 refresh that is replacing the Bold 9700. Yeah. The new Storm (2.5?) will have 512MB of RAM, BlackBerry OS 6, a 5 megapixel camera and SurePress. Ugh. SurePress? Does anyone want a BlackBerry with SurePress after playing around on any Android OS smartphone or iOS model? Where does this leave us regarding the BlackPad?

Okay, so what is that leaked picture of if it is not the next Storm? There is a chance that it could really be the Storm 3 that everyone has been waiting for, and a refresh of the current Storm 2 might be finding its way to market in the meantime. From all of the leaked information on the Storm 3, the chance that it could just be a refresh of the Storm 2 is just confusing. Are there two new Storm devices in the works Research In Motion (RIM)? The real Storm 3 that we have all been holding our breaths for and the update to the Storm 2?

Then again, there really might not be a Storm 3 coming in the form that the internet has been abuzz about for months. What if the Storm 3 is just a slightly redesigned Storm 2 with more RAM for BB OS 6? After all, OS 6 is probably not going to be showing up on the Storm 2. Would anyone buy it?

I am confused by all of this as you are. Let me know in the comments if you will be willing to buy a new Storm that is a slim update of the current model or holding out hope that the real Storm 3 shows up somewhere soon.

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