Two iPhones 4Gs?

We have a fascinating development on the iPhone saga. According to an interview with a senior analyst from Digitimes, there is not one but two iPhone 4Gs under development. The Digitimes is a Taiwan based publication on the industry. The recently released conversation revealed interesting aspects about the development of the next generation iPhone.

Ming-Chi Kuo from states that there are actually two prototypes, internally named as the N90 and N91. He believes that the iPhone 4G leaked into the public is the N90, the prototype that Gizmodo discovered and reported on. Before the leak occurred, only a handful of individuals outside Apple Inc. were aware that the device existed. If there are any changes from the Gizmodo prototype to the final product, Kuo believes, “At least it will be very similar.”

Kuo reveals that the development of the iPhone 4G began in 2008. Their sources indicate that Apple Inc. has developed a second product, nicknamed the N91, which only has a few minor upgrades, in comparison with the N90. This was intended as a back-up plan, “in case there are major delays due to significant modifications in casing, display resolution, digital camera support and so forth.”

As the upcoming iPhone 4G is significantly different from its predecessor the iPhone 3GS, it is possible that the N91 is a repackaged iPhone 3GS. Based on the interview with Kuo, Digitimes states that the N91 will have the same memory module as the 3GS, which is 256 MB, which will not be capable of running iPhone 4.0 Beta.

“Apple has requested memory module suppliers to provide both 256MB (used in iPhone 3GS) and 512MB RAM for compatibility tests. According to our internal tests, iPhone 4.0 Beta is quite memory hungry compared to iPhone 3.0, and with more complex apps, increased multi-tasking needs and a 5-mega-pixel camera built in, the iPhone 4 needs 523MB RAM, ” Kuo added.

We just need to wait and see Steve Jobs says on June 7, if Apple will be releasing just one product or more.

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