The First Trojan Virus detected in Androids OS

If you think that your smart phone was protected upon high simply because it is a phone, think again. What you are carrying in your pocket is literally a small computer that just so happens to have the ability to make and receive phone calls. This is tried and true when it comes to protection as well people, but don’t hit the panic button yet.

A Trojan virus has been spotted within Androids by the good people over at Kaspersky Labs. The virus is named Trojan-SMS.ANdroidOS.FakePlayer.a and according to Kaspersky has already affected some Androids in the wild. According to the companies report the virus is embedded within a media player application. The dirty little virus can tap into your mobile by an innocent download of the disgiuised media player. The install comes in at about 13KB and is further disguised with the standard .APK extension; fooling an average user into thinking the install is no different from any other. The details of the Trojan, are just as you may think, ugly. Once installed the virus can then use the phones system to send SMS messages, “to premium rate numbers without the owner’s knowledge or consent, resulting in money passing from a user’s account to that of the cybercriminals.” Kaspersky Labs goes on to state that Trojan-SMS virus’s are the most common malware virus’s for mobile devices and the growing number of Androids sold simply means that chances of you seeing a virus on your Android is that much greater.

 But can you protect yourself? Yes you can. Kaspersky Labs recommends that Android users pay closer attention “Kaspersky Lab recommends that users pay close attention to the services that an application requests access to when it is being installed. That includes access to premium rate services that charge to send SMSs and make”. If you grant the app permission to access to SMS and premium rate services, you will not need to be notified of its workings in the future. The company also stated that they are currently working on solutions to protect Androids OS in the future and has surely logged this one.

So what to learn? Pay attention to what your downloading and if it seems odd, or you are unsure don’t download it until you find out. With the great power of Android comes great responsibility.

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