Trillian app available for Blackberry…soon

It is being reported that the popular application Trillian will soon (very soon) be available for your Blackberry.  The Trillian mobile application has been readily available for the iPhone and according to Crackberry the Trillian application should be available for us Blackberry users sometime here in the very near future, according to the source “the near future” means in the next few days. If you run multiple instant messaging services on your Blackberry you may want to read on.

Trillian is launching the mobile version of their popular applications for the Blackberry OS. The Trillian application is a single application that will allow the user to organize and use their MSN, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, MySpace, Facebook, Jabber and Google Talk instant messengers.  The application will allow the user to connect change their status, display name, notification options, and avatar. One feature of the application that I’m sure Blackberry users will appreciate is the notification options, letting you set sounds, LED controls, vibration, home screen icons as well as email pushing options all within the one application. The Trillian application has also brought forward easy navigation in the form of quick keys. Trillian also allows users to easily send photos via the chosen instant messenger as well as emoticon and “nudging”.

If you use an instant messenger I would assume you have more than one account, with multiple outlets. Well fear not as Trillian will keep it all under one roof for you and keep track of all your contacts. The most interesting feature with the Trillian application is that you can use it on your PC as well, so when you put down the Blackberry (if you can) you will not miss a beat as Trillian is working on your laptop as well.

I for one am very interested in this application, there is no price on the application but is rumored to be anywhere 5 to 10 dollars. The application is still in its Beta form and Trillian is more than open to suggestions and is looking for them during its Beta run.

What do you think? Do you still IM?

 Key Features of Trillian;

  • Send pictures
  • Stay signed on for up to 7 days with the application closed
  • Contact avatars
  • Manage your contact list – group contacts, rename contact list items, sorting and offline contact preferences
  • Alerts and notifications: LED alert, email push notifications, full integration with standard profiles
  • Set local display name, set local avatar
  • Copy & paste in message windows
  • Privacy managment (blocking, visibility controls, etc)
  • View user information (AIM profiles, etc)

(via Crackberry)

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