Trillian comes to Android

In early June we reported that a popular application by the name of Trillian would be available for your Blackberry. Before this in November of 09, Cerulean Studios, the Trillian making developer launched into the iPhone market with seemingly much success. So what’s the next step? Obviously Trillian is making its way to the little green mans store and launching its app on the Android market.

What is Trillian you ask? Well Trillian is an application that is based off of your instant messagers, if you are still using instant messengers than you most likely have multiple user names for the slew of services. Trillian brings all of these services into one app. The app gives you the ability to stream line chatting from clients such as, Myspace Im, Facebook Chat, Windows Live, Yahoo!, ICQ, AIM, Google Talk, and Jabber. A statement out of the developers Cerulean Studios, says the Android Trillian app will not be “a clone from the iPhone” but the app will sport a Android like user interface and will most likely feel like it came pre installed.

Not only will Trillian be bringing all of your IM’s into one fold, it will also give its users the opportunity to sync their contacts, status, avatars and accounts via tabbed chat windows. What is even more impressive is all of these features can also be installed on your desktop, simply syncing all of your IM clients into one big happy family even when you’re not mobile. The Trillian app for Androids’ will also fully integrate with the Android notification system.

The Trillian app for the Android market is said to run on pretty much any Android of the day. But will only operate on versions 1.6 or higher. So if you’re running 1.6 go update your OS and check out the new Trillian App for the Android market, it brings clarity to your crazy IM problem!

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