TrackWary Lets You Tap Blackberry’s Like a Ghost

TrackWary PRO, a new application released by MobileZenith, offers a unique set of features that could potentially turn any unsuspecting user’s BlackBerry into a 21st century version of a wiretap. The company’s press release claims that TrackWary will keep “employees, children and cheating spouses” from “doing as they please.”

 Big brother just knocked. He wants you and your BlackBerry to step into the unmarked van.

The software works by recording everything done on the phone. All incoming and outgoing calls are recorded. All photos, SMS/MMS/BBM messages, emails and GPS locations are “tracked and logged.” Creepy. Even room conversations can be eavesdropped on. Very creepy.

Perhaps the best—or worst, depending on how you look at it—feature of TrackWary is that the user of the BlackBerry with the program installed has no way of knowing.  MobileZenith claims that all evidence of TrackWary at work is erased, and even its existence is discreet. Of course, I would consult with a lawyer before trying to do anything serious with this new app.

The price is a bit steep ($189.00 one time or $24.95 monthly). However, since the program is ideally suited for companies that are looking to keep tabs on its issued BlackBerry population, it might make sense and justify its price tag. Of course, $24.95 a month might not bad either if you are seriously considering pulling off a 21st century version of a wiretap on your significant other’s phone.

Have we become a society full of mistrust that really requires companies to keep 24/7 tabs on everything that we do with our issued phones? Are we really that desperate to know what people we care about are saying about us or doing?

Something tells me yes. And now there is an app for that.

More information on TrackWary can be found at its website

Let us know what you think of TrackWary, if you will ever use it, and if you think personal privacy just got a lot less personal and private.

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