Hate the Torch 9800’s Screen? Maybe You Should Blame AT&T

There are few things wrong with Research In Motion’s (RIM) all new BlackBerry Torch 9800 and the things that are might be partially to blame on AT&T. AT&T exerted a considerable amount of control over the design of the Torch and even proposed the phone to RIM. Say what? Believe it.

AT&T pressured RIM to make sure that the Torch would come out in the middle of 2010, possibly due to fears that Verizon could be getting the iPhone this coming January. This might be the reason that the Torch has such a low-resolution screen compared to its flagship competitors and why it’s packing the same processor as the Bold 9700 as well. RIM simply might not have had time to develop and have manufacturers create upgraded hardware that is more comparable to what is offered in the iPhone 4 and some of the higher-end Android OS smartphones.

Apple played its own rush-this-out-the-door game of its own to beat RIM to the market and it looks that even though ‘Antennagate’ and all of those other problems have created a storm of bad publicity for Apple recently, it might have won this round. Don’t get me wrong, the BlackBerry Torch 9800 will be a godsend for anyone who currently uses a BlackBerry. OS 6 is a huge step up in terms of ease-of-use and features (still waiting for more on BlackBerry Protect, hurry up RIM), and the new browser is certainly nothing to scoff at. The sliding keyboard was excellently made and all of those essential BlackBerry features you may have come to rely on are here but with the added bonus of a touchscreen.

Instead, what I take all of this as is a form of reassurance that the yet unannounced BlackBerry models expected to come out later this year and early next year will be the ‘true’ BlackBerry OS 6 devices that you dream about. You know what I am talking about. The Storm 3 with rumored video conferencing abilities.

While we wait for the next release announcement from RIM, we have found ourselves a nice scapegoat that probably really had a hand in whatever you do not like about the Torch. In fact, check out the video below. It shows just how buddy-buddy RIM and AT&T have been over the Torch and its development.


Sound off with the comments. It always feels good to take a few  jabs at AT&T.

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