T-Mobile launches Samsung Vibrant

If the launch of the Motorola Droid was not enough excitement for one to handle in a day, go take your heart medication because T-mobile is dropping bombs as well in the form of their Samsung Galaxy Vibrant.

So just as a friendly reminder, we wanted to refresh your memory on this new little toy that is seemingly becoming very popular. The Samsung Galaxy S line is a slew of new phones from Sammy, they released 4 different versions of the phone all carrying almost identical specs. The four different versions all have scheduled homes via one of the four major carriers in the good old U.S of A. The Samsung Captivate has shown its face at At&t and now it is the Vibrant’s turn to make its impression on T-Mobile customers. The Vibrant releases today under the HSPA+ toting T-Mobile. The Vibrant carries with it a price of about 200 bucks when signing into contract with T-Mobile. The Vibrant rocks a 1GHz Hummingbird processor; it’s got a super duper AMOLED screen that measures at 4 inches. When turning the Vibrant on you will experience Android OS version 2.1  and it has been stated in the weeks leading up to this release that Froyo or 2.2 will be available for the Vibrant (I’m thinking the same thing too, “it better be”).

The T-Mobile Vibrant shows some pretty impressive specs and actually ships with some free goodies, so go check out the new T-Mobile Vibrant and browse over to the comments section and let us know what you think about the newest toy from Samsung via T-Mobile.

Check out some of the specs and features from T-Mobile.com that can be found on the new Vibrant.

Then go get one hit up the comments on its super fast browser and let us know what you think of the new Vibrant!

Size:   4.8 x 2.5 x 0.4 inches
Weight:   4.2 ounces
Included battery:   1500mAh Li-ion
Talk time:   up to 6.5 hours
Standby time:   up to 18 days
Band (frequency):   850 MHz;900 MHz;1800 MHz;1900 MHz;UMTS: Band I (2100);UMTS: Band IV (AWS);UMTS: Band IV (1700/2100)


High Resolution Screen Get the most out of your phone and enjoy your favorite photos, games and videos even more with a high-resolution display.
16 GB Built-in Memory Take advantage of 16 GB of built-in memory and fill it up with fun photos, videos, music and more.
Apps -Android Market- With direct access to the Android Market you have access to all kinds of fun and useful apps to turn your phone into the ultimate mobile device.
5 Megapixel Camera With quality worth printing, now you can really enjoy those special moments captured on your phone. You can also share them with family and friends by sending them to any e-mail address, T-Mobile camera phone, or MyAlbum.
Camera Zoom Use the digital zoom to get a close-up picture without getting too close.
3.5mm Audio Jack 3.5mm audio jack gives you the flexibility to listen to your downloaded tunes just about anywhere—all you need is a standard set of ear buds or headphones.
Music player Play your favorite music wherever you are.
Easy access to Google applications One touch access to Google applications including Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Calendar, and Google Talk
Video capture/playback Capture and play back short video clips.
Alternative battery cover included Change up your style by swapping the battery cover.
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