Leaked T-Mobile Road Map tells the future

There has been some rumored news surrounding T-Mobiles plans for the future as of recently.  With announcements of leaked phones and training materials pictured in the wild it is not surprising to us what has leaked out of Androidspin.com today.

What you see pictured is what we like to call in the industry a carriers road map. Road maps are common place amongst business with multiple employees and levels of management. The road map is simply giving a guideline to the company’s projected plans, so you can never say oh I did not get that memo. Well it looks like AndroidSpin.com got the memo and it reads pretty horribly in all its blurriness. However with the magic of 21st century technology we can see exactly where T-Mobile plans on going in the near future. A total of 16 new phones are slated for T-Mobile stores and it seems that a fair amount will be running the Android OS. The recently revealed Motorola Charm gets a July 21st release date, with a slated September update. Before this however the Motorola Cliq and Cliq XT will be seeing an update as well in August. September will also reveal what the road map is labeling a HTC Vanguard and LG is also in the mix with an Android release slated from around the same time. Other unanswered questions left to ponder on this T-Mobile road map is the  posting for the HTC “project emerald”, which according to this picture will be showing its face sometime in mid November.

So all in all it looks like it will be a great year for T-Mobile, getting the newest devices from the industry’s leading manufacturers is always a great thing, and even better is the leaks!

Which one of the phones on this list will you be waiting for?

I’m curious to see the HTC Vanguard and I can’t wait from more of this project emerald to leak out!

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