The Prism a New Twenty Dollar Android Handset for the Entry Level SmartPhone User

The line of what smart phones and a feature phones are, seemingly gets a bit more out of focus every day a new entry level handset is introduced. While the low end catches up to the high and mid range of years gone past, we can sit back and rest assured that the future of mobile computing is bright. When we see leaks and launches of entry level handsets that run Android and pull in some decent specs compared to the previous years all I can do is smile! So thank you T-Mobile and Huawei for making this Wednesday morning all the merrier with your leaky Prism!

Monday, the T-Mobile Prism 3G leaked into the depths of the internet exposing itself as a new entry level Android device that will surely be able to keep mom, dad and your younger siblings pleased.Tmonews.Com has gotten their hands on some internal T-Mobile documents that show off the Prism’s release dates, specs and even its competition within the carrier.  The Prism according to the carriers ‘competitive comparison’ chart is up the same ally as their own Optimus T, Sprints Kyocera Milano and Ma’ Bells LG Phoenix. So what’s in a name? Well just enough to get the job done. The Prism is deemed as a “basic smartphone designed for first time smartphone owners” by the internal documents and its spec sheet confirms such accusations. From the outside in the Huawei…or T-Mobile Prism sports a standard slate styled design built around a 3.5 inch HVGA touch screen that clocks a 480×320 pixel resolution. Internally the Prism sits in line with its competition and uses a 600 Mhz processor, 512 MB of ROM and Android version 2.3 (don’t expect an upgrade anytime soon). You can also expect Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, 3G HSDPA data, a 1400 mAh battery and Bluetooth 2.1. Additional the Prism comes packing 2GB of expandable memory but can be upgraded to 32 GB. The flash-less camera measures in at a measly 3 mega pixels and gets buried a bit further with a fixed focus disposition. The Prism in case you are still interested in set to launch on May 6th. While it’s pricing has not been confirmed it may be a safe bet to assume this will be super affordable on contract.

**Update- In the midst of finishing this article, T-Mobile has made this super affordable handset official as of today. It will cost $20 bucks, yes twenty dollars on a new two year contract and a $50 dollar mail in rebate.

The Prism is a new addition to the entry level Android devices that seem to crop up from time to time but with all of its low end specs and mediocre details the Prism is a welcome addition to the “smartphone” market. Do you think we will ever see say…a dual core version of an entry level handset like this? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think and before you leave remember, we carry the very best T-Mobile accessories the world has to offer.

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