T-Mobile G2

Today the emails are flying. If you have been keeping up with the legend of T-Mobile, then you most likely signed up for email notification for when their new mystery phone gets some further details. Well have you checked your inbox? Today we get to see some more info on the T-Mobile G2.

Toward the end of July T-Mobile posted a teaser page simply showing off the silhouette of their first HSPA+ phone. According to the first page T-Mobile announced that “Later this year, the first HSPA+ smartphone from T-Mobile will shape the next generation”. This initial teaser page has lead up to the as of today announcement of the T-Mobile G2. The very first HSPA+ device for T-Mobile is on the way. The site has still not pictured the device, and the silhouette remains. However the new teaser site pays slight homage to its ancestor the G1. The G1 if you remember correctly was the very first commercially available Android phone, the one that started it all – as they say.

Checking the G2.tmobile.com site actually returns a “temporarily unavailable” disclaimer, so maybe they are cooking up some more features for the teaser site. Once it is back up and running you should go add your name and email address to the “loop” as to stay within its circle-ness. So all that is known of the T-Mobile G2 is that it is T-Mobiles first HSPA+ capable device, it runs the Android operating system and is most likely manufactured by the good folks at HTC. Other than that it simply a waiting game, we will be checking back to the G2 teaser site periodically for any updates and will update if any other info is found.

So what do you think of the G2? I know there are a lot of T-Mobile customers looking for something else and even more dedicated G1 users that have been begging for this day to come, well about two years later your wish is seemingly becoming granted.

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