T-Mobile G2: Priced at $200 and runs 800MHz


The new HTC G2 slated for T-Mobile shelves is quietly coming down in anticipation. With new information revealed about the devices processor, it may seem that the G2’s could face some back lash from potential buyers. The G2 has been spotted in the wild once or twice in the past; even T-Mobile produced a teaser site dedicated to the very first HSPA+ device that should be released at the end of the month. So where does the back lash come in? Well simple really its processor.

In the past few months, the processing power on mobile devices has climbed considerably fast, with HTC phones slated to run at 1.3 GHz in the near future it would stand to reason that a company would no move backwards with their flagship phones. T-Mobile’s website has recently confirmed the existence of the G2 as well put some specs for us to chatter about. The new HSPA+ G2 device will be running Froyo 2.2, however, the device will unfortunately only be running a 800 MHz Scorpion processor. As the first ever HSPA+ device capable of running speeds that rival 4G, T-Mobile is boasting the new G2 as it becoming the “fastest smartphone experience in America”. Maybe we don’t need 1GHz processors and T-Mobile knows it? The G2 will be an exclusive to the T-Mobile moniker and will spawn the “official” birth of the companies HSPA+ network, with an onslaught of HSPA+ devices sure to follow.

TmoNews has also come across some internal T-Mobile documents that put a $499 retail price on the G2 without a new service agreement. With a new contract the G2 device is slated to run you about $200 bucks. Sound fair?

But is the slightly slower 800MHz a deal breaker for all my QWERTY loving Android users? I know there were a lot of people eyeballing this one. With this news on the G2 has your opinion changed?

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