The ZTE Blade C Announced and Ready For Action

While today may be all about Blackberry, that can’t stop, won’t stop the Android wave. As Android continues to control the majority of the smart phone market it is partially due to the lower end of the market. Android runs the gambit from the super phones like the Note II to the lower end base models that have what you need. A new handset that will fit that bill has been announced by ZTE. The ZTE Blade C is a low end device with the budget minded smart phone user it its genes.

ZTE has been ramping up their presence in the smart phone arena lately and the new Blade C is the new face to one side of the spectrum. Recently the company announced their Grand S which is indeed quite the opposite. So what the Blade C all about? In a word, affordability! The ZTE Blade C is an entry level budget phone that offers up the latest in Android version 4.1 aka Jelly Bean and combines it with a price point that barely exceeds $100 bucks. The Blade C is also said to currently exist in a nearly identical variation sold as the C889S in China. The Blade C sports an 11 mm thin build that houses a 4 inch WVGA touch screen that clocks a 480×800 pixel resolution. It comes packing a 1600 mAh battery, an MTK 6577 system chip that runs dual cores at 1 GHz. Additionally it will pack in a PowerVR SGX 531 GPU, 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of built in storage. Around back a 3 mega pixel camera can be seen snapping pictures. Additional connectivity will be provided by Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi and micro USB. Details on its release are unfortunately not available, however an international release is expected and will most likely over go a slight design change, or at least a name change before ever making it stateside.

Anyone? Let us know what you think of the current wave of mid to low end Android phones seemingly taking over the world. Also, the very best in ZTE accessories can be had right here.

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