The YotaPhone LCD and E Ink Dual Screen Android

The last few years of mobile phones have been pretty boring! Yea, I said it. YotaPhone looks to be putting a new spin on the latest in stale! The slate styled form factor pushed flip phones into their graves and left us with material innovation that consisted of things like gorilla glass and “single pieces of anodized aluminum”. While the designs get slimmer, the overall functionality stays the same. An impossibly thin frame, with a slab of LCD and a rear mounted camera. But have you ever wanted more? YotaPhone did and they have taken the next logical step in improving the overdone slab.

When I first heard the company name, Yota first thoughts were of the force and after reading what the YotaPhone has to offer, I’d say the force may be at least partially present on this one. Yota is a Russian telecommunications company that has just introduced a dual screen device under their Yota Devices sector. The handset first made an appearance back in August, shown off to at IFA in a secret closed room with the SVR protecting it! The impressive concept is becoming a reality. While the YotaPhone is still in prototyping, the company is aiming for a late 2013 release to Russian carriers. The YotaPhone is built around the standard slate design, but it incorporates a full color LCD on one side and an E-Ink display on the other! Both of the screens use Corning’s Gorilla Glass and measure in at 4.3 inches, while the color LCD provides a 720×1280 pixel resolution and the E Ink side measures in at 200 dpi. Set to run Android, at least version 4.2 its processing prowess will come from the likes of a 1.5 GHz dual core Snapdragon S4 processor, 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB or 64 GB’s of internal storage. It also packs in a 12 mega pixel main camera as well as a 720p capable front facing shooter. It comes with a much needed 2100 mAh battery and its SIM card slot is “combined with the Power key button”! The YotaPhone measures in at a mere 9.9 mm and weighs in at 140 grams. Through its own unique applications the E Ink display can provide a lot of different information including your home page, your web browser, a wall paper and much more with very little power consumption.

The idea may seem obvious, but the implementation is key and I for one am very interested in getting my hands on one of these YotaPhones! Anyone else interested? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think, but also remember that you can find all your mobile phone accessories here.

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